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Pure Sunfarms : GOLD FACE 28g

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Gold Face is a BC-grown cultivar from the Pure Sunfarms greenhouse. This aromatic sativa is a pheno-hunted cross of Animal Face x Electric Grapefruit, with bright and juicy fruit-punch aromas from dominant terpenes Caryophyllene and Pinene. These vibrant green and golden buds are chunky and dense, frosted in sticky trichomes. Pure BC bud, hand-harvested, hang-dried, and hand-finished.



About the Brand


Driven by a love of plants, Pure Sunfarms produces high-quality, BC-grown cannabis for the Canadian recreational market. Our deep farming roots combined with a legacy of cannabis cultivation and knowledge of growing at scale guides our uncompromising approach to quality.
We select our strains based on flavour, potency, and their ability to thrive in our sunlight-filled, 1.1 million square foot high-tech greenhouse in Delta, British Columbia. Our cultivation team has collected detailed sunlight and environmental information at this location in BC’s Fraser Valley for more than a decade, which gives us an incredible depth of knowledge to adjust our cultivation practices on a plant-by-plant basis.

We use a modern growing approach which allows for the control of heat, light, and energy the sun brings to maximize the potency potential of our plants. In this very precise environment, cannabis flourishes; sectioned into growing rooms that let us nurture plants at each stage of development differently through app-based monitoring. This way, our hands-on growing team can ensure our plants get exactly what they need to produce consistent and aromatic quality cannabis, grown with care, all year round.


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